Journey of Abundance, Day 10

fallcreekOne year ago, a friend of mine was devastated by some of the choices her child had been making.  School trouble, home violence, self-destructive tendencies and emotional separation from loved ones were all symptoms of some sort of heart issue that she didn’t know how to fix.  My friend was broken-hearted and afraid.

She took some of her friends into her confidence and humbly shared some ugly details that illustrated just where her family was, and then she asked us to pray.  Our little prayer group was scattered all of the place, and we prayed.  We encouraged, we hoped and we listened.  But mostly we prayed.

My friend and her husband made some gut-wrenchingly difficult decisions during this time and in the following months.  As I watched her from a distance, I wondered how she had the strength and wisdom to do all that she did–things that it never occurred to her that she would have to do–but she did them.  Hard things.  Hurtful things.  Healing things.

Things seemed to get a little worse for a while as they waded through differing opinions and recommendations.  My friend stayed the course.  She and her husband did what they felt was best, under the covering of all of that prayer.

I just received a lengthy email update from her.  It was full of one praise after another.  That precious child is doing wonderfully well on every front–socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Tears of joy and gratitude filled my eyes as I read her testimony.

God answers prayer.

I am humbled to have had a small part in this family’s journey of healing.  I have invested in them in a way that makes my love for them deeper, my interest in their welfare more intense and their successes more sweet.  Their joy is my joy.

Challenge:  Use 5 of the 1,440 minutes God gives you in the next 24 hours to get on your knees in prayer for someone you love.


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