Journey of Abundance, Day 12

fortYears and years ago, my pastor’s wife told me that she had a special dinner plate that was reserved for whomever was celebrating a birthday or some other momentous occasion.  I decided our little family needed to begin this tradition, so the kids and I headed to Big Lots, where I bought a $1.99 plate that had a rainbow of colors in it that coordinated with my special-occasion Fiestaware.  We have used that plate for a lot of birthdays and other special occasions, though I have recently wondered if I need to use it more frequently and for more than just birthdays and other “biggies”.

I confess that I think I take my kids for granted sometimes.  I’m sure it’s normal, and I don’t really mean to, but I do.  I prepare their meals, plan their school days, buy their groceries, wash their windows and make sure they’re all (more or less) doing what they ought to do.  I wonder, though, am I really treasuring them like I should?  Am I really living each day in wonder of who they are and in gratitude for my time with them?  No, I can’t say that I always am.

I understand that life is not all sunshine and roses.  I totally get that shaping their characters, nursing their illnesses and ouchies and managing a household are worthwhile things that need to be done even though they don’t necessarily lend themselves to fun and frivolity.  Deep down, though, I know I could be more intentional about praising them when they do well, encouraging them when they struggle and overall celebrating them because of who they are in my life.

I want my kids to look back over their childhoods and know that I cherished my time with them.  In spite of my outbursts, my failures, my seasons of discouragement or distraction, I want them to know that there is nothing in the world I would rather have done that spend my days with them.  If I’ve prayed it once, I’ve prayed it a thousand times:  Lord, please let Your grace cover over my mistakes.

So, I’m planning a celebration.  Sunday is Family Night around here, a night in which the five of us rotate choosing the evening’s activities.  This Sunday, I’m going to surprise them with a special meal that I know everyone will enjoy.  I’m decorating the table, breaking out the Fiestaware, lighting some candles and writing sweet notes as placecards.  I’ll even make a dessert.  They’ll love it!  And, in the midst of the food and fancy table trimmings, I will pray that they sense even the teeniest, tiniest spark of the love that their momma holds in her heart for them.

Challenge:  Surprise someone with a special celebration in their honor.


2 thoughts on “Journey of Abundance, Day 12

  1. Hi Trista —
    Do you realize your book is listed at $95? When I pushed purchase to see if that was right it was only $8… that on purpose…..just wondered! 🙂


    • Thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out to me, Ginger. We’ve been tinkering around on here with listing different classes, and apparently we didn’t get everything cleaned up like we should have! I appreciate you bringing that error to my attention.


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