Journey of Abundance, Day 14

beeskeepsTwentieth anniversary Christmas concert and overnight with Dave…check.

Warm Glow Candle Christmas Open House…check.

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at the Civic Theatre…check.

Christmas Town at the Creation Museum…check.

Farmers’ Market Vendor Christmas party…check.

Christmas is coming, and my calendar is filling up quickly!  Every year at this time, I realize that it is primarily up to me to set the tone for our holiday season.  Harried?  Stressful?  Overwhelming?  Meaningful?  Joyful?  Relaxing?  It really is up to me.

What do I want my kids to remember about this Christmas?  Who and what are my priorities, and how can my time and other resources best reflect those priorities?  These may seem like crazy questions when it comes to decking the halls, but I confess that if I don’t have some kind of personal accountability in place, I can veer off my intended path pretty quickly, running my entire family into the ditch.

The older I get, the more intentional I am about filling the white squares on my calendar with what is most important to me.  Sometimes, that means I leave a lot of white squares blank.  I learned a long time ago that I am a kinder, gentler, more patient person when I am rested and not running from one activity to another.  I have learned that I must control my calendar and not allow it to control me.  I allow ten hours a night for sleep, and I usually plan to not leave my house at least three days a week.  For me, this creates sanity and stability.  It’s how I work best.

How do you work best?  What are your priorities this holiday season?  Do you need some down time?  More sleep?  Less running around?  Maybe it’s time to make a few changes.

Challenge:  Be intentional about scheduling the next six weeks.  Say yes to what is important and no to what is not.  Release yourself from perceived obligations.  If applicable, sit down with your spouse and children and get their input.  It may be time to do a few things differently in order to do a lot of things better.


2 thoughts on “Journey of Abundance, Day 14

  1. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 20 years! We just celebrated our 20th this month, too!
    This is a timely post – I have just been looking critically at how I use my time and concluded that I really don’t have as much time as I think I do – I can’t do it all, so I want to be choosy. It’s hard to choose what is most important some times.

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