Journey of Abundance, Day 28

reflectivecreek“Yeah, I pretty much praise God every time I fill up the tank these days.”

My husband has been thrilled with the lower gas prices lately, and I love that he automatically expresses his appreciation to God instead of attributing the lower costs to anything else.  It may seem silly to some, but I believe that God loves to hear us give praise in everything–whether big or small.  I also believe that praising God always includes giving thanks…but giving thanks does not always include praising God.

We were about a mile away from pulling into our driveway this evening after an out-of-town Thanksgiving get-together at my mom’s when we realized that we were locked out of our house.  We had locked all of the doors yesterday before we left, making sure I had the house key in my purse before pulling the last door closed.  Guess what.  I had accidentally left my purse at my mom’s house.  My oldest daughter, who had stayed behind with her siblings for their annual “Decorating for Christmas” tradition with Grammy, called to let us know when we were about 40 minutes away from my mom’s.

“It’s okay,” I said.  “I don’t need anything in it until I see you on Monday.”


When we pulled up to the house, Dave grabbed a box of approximately 37 keys that he used for assorted rental units, etc. and began going through them.  I skedaddled to the barn to feed the cows, gather the eggs and shut in the chickens.  Once I finished the chores and closed the barn door behind me, I was delighted to see lights on in the house.  Victory!

Yes, I praised God.

I praised Him for not only providing the means to enter our home, but I praised Him for a husband that had the maturity to not say what he might have been thinking about his wife who had left her purse with the house key behind.  I was thankful, and I recognized that God was the Great Benefactor and that I was not just a lucky beneficiary of some random circumstance.  Would we have figured out something else if there had been no house key?  Sure.  Would I still have praised God if we’d had to come in through a broken window?  I hope so.

There are blue million reasons to praise God every single day.  When we are focused on ourselves, they are sometimes difficult to see, but they are no less present.  Lord, help me always to see Your hand in my many reasons to praise.

Challenge:  Praise God for 5 specific gifts in your life.  If you’re not sure how to begin, just try, “Lord, I want to praise You for…”.


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