Journey of Abundance, Day 29

ErinsWinterSunset“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.”  –Psalm 34:7

This is one of my favorite passages of Scripture.  I have an overactive imagination (and have since my earliest remembrance), and I love word pictures.  Just as I used to easily imagine woodland sprites living under the mushroom tops of fungal fairy rings or pictured sinister, nameless creatures lurking in the shadows of my basement, I can easily picture Almighty God and His armies of glorious angels encamped around me.  The difference is that the sprites and monsters of my childhood were figments of my imagination, while the armies of God are real-life spiritual warriors, commanded by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Yes, I truly believe that.

I have pictured these mighty beings, ready to offer their protection, on virtually every part of the property we own.  This brings me great comfort as I struggle against so much opposition to being a godly wife and mother.  It seems that our culture is dead set against what God has called the family to be, and I need the intervention of God’s warriors on my family’s behalf.

The Bible talks a lot about these angels.  Never are they described as namby-pamby cherubs strumming harps and shooting arrows with heart-shaped points.  Nor are they described as feminine beauties with halos and wings or heavenly bodies of the dearly departed.  These angel armies are comprised of magnificent warriors who are 100% committed to doing the will of God.  They are the same armies that Elisha saw when the King of Aram plotted to take his life (II Kings 6) and the same armies that lit up the skies with the announcement of Jesus’s birth (Luke 2).  These armies have power.

Many of us struggle with an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in various facets of our lives.  We feel powerless in our marriages.  In our parenting.  In our vocations.  In our extended family relationships.  We feel powerless when it comes to our addictions.  Or our finances.  Or even in areas regarding our health.

The fact of the matter is that we do not have to accept this sense of powerlessness as our own.  When we seek God and turn away from sin, He is willing and able to give us claim to some of His perfect power.  The verse mentions above that those who fear God–as in respect Him, live in awe of Him and in accordance to His commands–experience a deliverance at the hands of His mighty angels.

What area of your life needs deliverance?  Are you ready to yield your own comfort, pride, self-centeredness or fear to the Power of Heaven?  Do you even really know what that means?  At this very moment, are you conflicted by what you think you know to be true and the Hope that this message brings?  Are you ready to try something new?

The Old Testament talks about a man named Gideon.  Gideon was being called by God to do something waaaaaayy out of his comfort zone.  It was so far out of his comfort zone that Gideon tested God’s will by asking for a sign.  God showed favor to Gideon by performing the miracle Gideon requested.  Gideon was encouraged, but still not willing to go all in.  He asked God for another sign, the exact opposite of what he had asked before.  God, in His remarkable patience, yielded to Gideon’s request and provided the miracle Gideon requested.  You can read all about this incident in the sixth chapter of the Book of Judges.

Here’s the thing:  We have to be careful that we do not try to lead God around by a ring in His nose.  He is no trick pony.  However, He is a just and merciful God, and He will meet us where we are.  And, He knows where we are better than we know ourselves.  He will not be deceived.

Tap into the power of Almighty God.  Benefit from the protection of His angelic armies.  Dive into the divine resource of His Word and derive hope from His promises.  Regardless of the broken promises you have experienced and more than anything else in your life, God can be trusted.

Challenge:  Tell God today if you are ready to be delivered by His angelic armies.  Tell Him if you are ready to do things His way, and then ask Him to surround you with the people who will be true to His character.  Ask Him to protect you from unwise counsel and to give you the strength to honor Him in the midst of opposition.  I will be praying for you.



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