The Abundance of Stevie Lockman

I heard this young man’s momma speak just over a year ago, and I have thought about and prayed for this family ever since.  Addiction is an ugly animal, and as it sinks its teeth into the one who chooses it, the family and friends share in the suffering.  If only we could see around the corner of life a little bit before we took that first drink, hit, gamble or peek.  Instead, we often live as though it will never happen to us.  And yet, evidence to the contrary is everywhere.

I share this message with you because it is full of Hope.  This young man made some really foolish choices, which required his parents to choose some things they never dreamed they would need to choose.  Love required them to dig in and to make tough decisions, and they did the best they could, counting on God’s grace to cover over their mistakes.  They waited on the Lord…with Hope.

And, eventually, Stevie decided to hope along with them.

Stevie tells his story so much better than I could, and I encourage you to hear him out.  Share his testimony with your children and with anyone else you know will be encouraged.



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