Simplify: Let it Go!

pinetreeSince we’re on the topic of simplifying, we have GOT to learn to LET IT GO! We have all experienced the “Christmas Decor Nazi”, the one who tries to stand under the “I’m-just-a-perfectionist” banner. Well, as many of you know, I’m married to a counselor. That excuse doesn’t hold water in my home.

I learned that “perfectionism” was a cover for my own insecurity. I wanted to appear to be perfect–even after I had sucked the spirit of the holidays out of everyone around in me in order to put on a good show for my guests. For a few years, I made the decorating, the entertaining and the gift-giving about ME–wondering what people would think of ME, hoping they would be impressed by ME, wanting them to like ME! When “ME” is my focal point, I can pretty much assume that disaster will ensue.

Speaking of perfection, if we REALLY want to make that our goal, how about we look at the only One who is perfect and work at being more like Him in the areas of love, patience, kindness and self-control.

Sometimes, it’s tough being married to a counselor.


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