Simplify: The Food

There are lots of great recipes out there that don’t require a lot of effort. For the most part, these are my go-to recipes for entertaining. It is so easy to throw together a yummy dip, a veggie tray and some hot wings or meatballs for a get-together (especially if some of those treats have been made ahead and are already in my freezer!).
I’ve also discovered that ice water along with a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade (and maybe something hot to drink this time of year) are enough to offer my guests. I used to try to cater to everyone’s specific drink preferences, but I discovered that I would rather spend that money on food. Plus, I was often left with a bunch of partial two-liter bottles of things that I really didn’t need to be drinking.
My mom and both grandmas did a fabulous job of teaching me that hospitality is not about showcasing my skill set; it’s about making people feel welcome in my home. When I keep that in mind, my priorities gravitate toward what is truly important: loving others.

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