Monday Morning

Have you ever felt like crawling into a hole for a day or two, maybe checking out of some of the tough stuff of life?  I admit that I’m feeling a little bit that way this morning.  I’ve got some heavy things weighing on my heart, and I’m just a little worn out with them.  And it’s barely 8:00 as I write this.  Oy.

I’ll be honest:  I am worn out from this fight.  I feel tired, hurt, hopeless. All of the yuck is clouding my vision, and I am discouraged, confused, angry.

It’s tough to see people we love get hurt.  It’s hard to watch marriages dissolve or children rebel or addicts give in to what will destroy them.  It stinks to see people we love hurt themselves or to suffer heartache at the hands of someone else.  And to be honest, one of the things that makes these things so difficult for me to watch is the recollection of what it was like when I was in similar shoes, leaving a similar wake of heartache.  Those memories bring about such gratitude and humility.  Thank You, Jesus.  You have brought healing and restoration where there was pain and brokenness.  I owe it all to You.  You are faithful.

Lord, I know You are in even the most desperate of situations.  I have seen You work in mighty and miraculous ways.  I have experienced Your patient faithfulness.  Please show me that today.  Open my eyes so that I can see armies of angels fighting on Your behalf.  Renew my hope.  Restore my courage.  Increase my faith.

Wow me with Your glory, Lord.  I’m ready.



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