Simplify: Slow down!

LanternOne of the toughest decisions our family made to simplify the holiday season was to stay home on Christmas Day. Since high school, I had been part of a tradition that made EIGHT stops between Christmas Eve and Christmas night. The first year after our oldest daughter was born, we scaled back to six stops and realized that it was still just too much. I was stressing out about what else to cut out (without hurting anyone else’s feelings) when my husband announced that we would just stay home from now on. I confess that I was both appalled by the idea and excited about the opportunity. The first year or two were kind of tough, but that one decision has been one of the best things we’ve done for our little family. We LOVE our lazy Christmas days at home. Sometimes we have other folks in; sometimes we don’t. Either way, it’s no-fuss family time that works according to our priorities.


One thought on “Simplify: Slow down!

  1. We made a “rule” many years ago that we go no more than 1 place per holiday. That we will go to that place and fully enjoy our time there without having to worry when it is time to leave to go to the next place. It made oodles of people mad, but it works wonderfully and is so much more fun than spending the days in the car.

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