Christmas Cookies

023Today was Cookie Baking Day, Part II.  We had Part I last week with friends, and it was fun.  Two adults and seven children made seven or eight batches of sweet Christmas treats.  I’m serious.  It really was fun.

After we divided the spoils and our friends left, I immediately arranged two sampler platters for a couple of pitch-in dinners the next day.  I also filled our Christmas teddy bear cookie jar with Christmas crinkles, stuck a pan of magic cookies in the fridge, hid a couple of bags of white chocolate popcorn mix in the back of the cabinet, reserved the corn flake wreaths for our personal enjoyment and set aside a couple dozen gingerbread cut-outs for the freezer.  This left me with an assortment of bon bon cookies, buckeye brownies and oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies on my favorite purple plastic platter.  It may sound silly, but this platter is the bomb.  I got it and a green one just like it for TEN CENTS EACH at a rummage sale, and I use them for all sorts of things.  Unfortunately, my dear husband killed the green one a couple of years ago when he appropriated it for some sort of garden project.  He felt bad about that, and he tried to replace it, but the one he got me is too nice to use for all of the junk I used the green one for.  So, his replacement is a special occasion sort of replacement.

Anyway, it was getting late in the evening, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with all of the cookies on the purple plastic platter.  I was tempted to eat enough of them so that they then fit on a plate under my cake dome, but I was already feeling a bit sugared out from the day of baking.  I was ready to get off of my feet and move on to gift wrapping, so I just covered the whole platter with a piece of parchment paper and stuck the loaded purple plastic platter into the oven to be dealt with more energetically in the morning.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

Yes, when I preheated the oven for bacon the next morning, I melted my purple plastic platter and rendered its sweet bounty inedible.  Buckeye brownies.  Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  Bon bons.

All inedible.

There are two silver linings here.  One is that, even though I was not in the room, my oldest daughter, while screaming, “MOM!!!” handled the oven fire with wisdom and maturity.   Oven off, baking soda at the ready.  I came rushing into the kitchen, at the immediate realization of what had happened in time to grab the baking soda and throw its contents on the flames.  I was then able to grab both oven racks, draped in melted purple plastic and chocolate, in my mitted hands and carry them out to the yard, where I dumped them before running back inside to make sure the fire was out.  It was.

The other silver lining is that I didn’t consume nearly as many calories that day as I potentially would have if I hadn’t been such a flake.

I’m still mourning the loss.

So, even though we knew we still wanted to make sugar cookies this Christmas season, we also took the opportunity today to make a few other things to share with friends and family.

None of it will be stored in the oven.


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