So Long, 2015

sunriseEach year has its ups and downs, and 2015 was no exception.  In the quiet hours of this morning, I’ve been thinking of the lessons I learned in the last year.  Some were old lessons and some were new, but all were beneficial.  Here is what comes to mind.

  1.  Even once middle-age is reached, grown-ups don’t always act like grown-ups.
  2. The people who really step out on a limb to support and encourage us are often the people we are least likely to suspect of that kind of loyalty and sacrifice.
  3. Harboring bitterness and holding grudges can make a person just plain mean.
  4. Scheduling down time in my week goes a long way toward maintaining a pleasant disposition.
  5. The American Church does too much whining and too little loving.
  6. In a world that has so little, we are inexcusably unconscious of our abundance.
  7. The generosity and thoughtfulness of some people humbles me in a way that makes me want to do bigger, better, braver things.
  8. We are a self-centered culture, carefully keeping count of our own offenses while rarely taking into account the feelings of the people around us.
  9. My little family is amazing.
  10. Regardless of what people think, God is good and God is God.  He doesn’t need our understanding of Him to make Him Who He is.  He just is.
  11. Women are often remarkably complex creatures, which can make adult female friendships difficult.  (Apologies to my husband…I can only imagine what he would add to this observation–after laughing out loud.)
  12. Childhood goes quickly.
  13. We are all leaving a legacy of some kind.
  14. Being realistic about my own personal limitations goes a long way in setting myself up to succeed.
  15. There is always, always, always Hope.  Always.

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