The following is from Billy Graham’s “Nearing Home”, which I recently found at a thrift store and have thoroughly enjoyed reading. Even though he directs the following excerpt at grandparents, I read it as a personal challenge for myself and feel compelled to pass it along.
“People can become so encumbered with being ‘connected’ to information that they ‘disconnect’ from others. Technology can weaken relationships and push the reality of life out of the way. Generally, the older someone is, the more intensely this disconnect is felt, especially from the young. I encourage those who are grandparents to never give up on seeking creative ways to engage your grandchildren. Remember, the oldest generation may struggle with short-term memory loss, but its attention span is probably still greater than that of younger generations. Let’s remember to teach them by example that roots are important. It is our responsibility to build them up: ‘Encourage one another and build one another up’ (I Thessalonians 5:11).”
From my observation point in this life, it seems that far too many of us are opting for an internet connection that is disengaging us from true community with our family and friends.  This leaves us disconnected from what matters most.  Meaningful relationships will not build themselves.  As parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, we must be intentional about choosing time away from the screen in order to invest in what is most important.

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