The 4-1-1 on Rhubarb


It’s rhubarb season!!

We grow both red and green rhubarb at our place. Many people think that the green stalks aren’t ripe, but that isn’t true. They certainly aren’t as pretty as the ruby stalks of the Victoria plant, but they’re every bit as tasty.

Rhubarb freezes easily and beautifully. Just cut off the leaves, then wash and dice the stalks. I usually freeze rhubarb in batches of two or four cups so that it can easily be added to muffins, crisps and ruby sauce.

A lot of folks think they don’t like rhubarb due to shuddering childhood memories of its tartness, but it’s worth a re-visit. Even my husband has begun a mild appreciation of the stuff when combined with sweet, homegrown strawberries!

And remember: The leaves are toxic, so wash your hands well after handling!


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