One Q-Tip

I don’t know why I’m surprised.  But I am.

The kids have a container for q-tips in their bathroom.  Dave and I have a container for q-tips in our bedroom.  We refill our respective q-tip supplies from a big box of q-tips that I keep in my bathroom.

Our bedroom stash needed replenished, so I was on the job.  I went into my bathroom and opened my drawer to get out the q-tips I had bought.

There was one left.

This happens with astonishing regularity around here.  It didn’t used to happen.  In the past, only an empty box would remain…and then I made the rule.

If you leave an empty container lying around–whether it’s from tissues, cereal, bread or whatever–you owe me a chore.

It seemed like a good rule, but it was not.

One tissue.  Half a handful of cereal.  One heel of bread.

One q-tip.

This is what is called a no-win situation.

“But Mom!  When I refilled our q-tip jar, there was one left!  You said to get rid of the box only if it was empty.  It’s not empty!  I didn’t want to waste a q-tip!”

When I am old, and the kids think I’m bordering on senility, I am going to pay them back.  I am going to show up at their homes and smile sweetly while leaving toothpaste in the sink, smearing fingerprints on the windows, sliming the knife handle with peanut butter and leaving two squares of toilet paper on the roll.

Oh, and I’ll leave one q-tip in the box.




One thought on “One Q-Tip

  1. What?!? You live in the same house I do and I’ve never seen you here!!! Thanks for the senior revenge idea; now I can just smile when I find the last one…and plot. 😉

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