Oopsy Doughsy

For my youngest daughter’s 14th birthday coming up, she requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast and yeast rolls with supper. I thought I’d get a head start on her “orders” this afternoon so that I could just pull them out of the freezer the night before the big day. I was making a double batch of dough, and got to the last step when my eye caught the words “At this point, you can wrap your pizza dough well and put it in the freezer.”
I made a double batch of pizza crust dough instead of yeast rolls.
From a recipe I’ve made fifty times.
Last week, I stepped out of the shower only to realize that I’d shaved 3/4 of my legs.
I am forty-one years old. Is this normal?
Don’t answer that.
The good news is that I noticed my error before smearing the dough with cinnamon and sugar.
More good news is that not only will we have pizza crust dough in the freezer, we will also be making pizza for supper.
Which means I can probably have pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

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