Change of Plans

Well, it’s raining.  And it’s been raining since about 6:45 this morning.  This beautiful water removed two garden chores–weeding and watering–off my list for the day.


Yes, the weeds will still need pulled, but these few hours of rest have been well-earned and are greatly appreciated.  My little work crew and I have busted our behinds in the gardens this week.  The temperatures were mild, which made the work relatively pleasant.  Because of our efforts, things are in pretty good shape, and we can enjoy this little break.

I even get a long-awaited massage this afternoon from a friend who bartered services with me late last winter.  Every arm, shoulder, neck and leg muscle in my body aches from this week’s activity, and I know the massage will hurt.  I’m looking forward to it.  It will feel good to have her help in getting the soreness worked out of my body.

Life is sometimes like that.  It hurts to rub out the pain.  Sometimes, we even hesitate to do what we need to do to deal with the aches in our hearts.  Confrontation.  Conflict resolution.  Confession.  Counseling.  Changing our behavior.  These things are not often easy.

But.  God is faithful.  He is willing to restore us.  To rebuild us.  To reshape us and to rehabilitate us.  We are not expected to do these things alone.  He will restore us with His love, rebuild us with the Truth of His Word, reshape us in His image and rehabilitate us by His faithfulness.  All we have to do is make time for Him to work on us.  We have to allow Him to speak to us, offer our lives to Him in obedience and turn from the sins that so quickly derail us.

God’s always got a back-up plan for when the rain comes.




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