Yesterday’s Blessings

I woke up yesterday morning beside a faithful husband who loves me and goes to work every day so that I can spend my days at home. I had a lazy, restful morning at home, then went to get a massage from a beautiful friend who has a huge heart. After being pampered on her table for more than an hour, I went straight from her shop to get a much-needed haircut from another amazing friend who accepts me in spite of my lack of style. Feeling emotionally encouraged and a little bit prettier, I came home and jumped in the shower to get rid of all of the tiny hairs stuck in massage oil on my neck. I got out to find a beautiful clematis (to replace the one that was inadvertently killed by my poison-happy hubby) sitting on my kitchen counter, left by a generous friend who saw it on sale and drove all the way out to surprise me with it.

It’s shameful that I can so often focus on the few people in my world whom I can just never please when so many relatively sane and completely wonderful people are willing to love me just as I am.

Thank You, Jesus, for giving me these people and so many others to speak Your Truth into my hungry heart. And, thank You even more for loving me even more than they do.


One thought on “Yesterday’s Blessings

  1. A wonderful day for a well deserving beautiful soul. Thank you Lord Jesus for every blessing, and for folks like Trista and her friends that make this earthly experience a little more as You have planned for us.

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