Thing One and Thing Two

Let’s talk turkey.

Our little farm has adopted two poults who needed a new home.  They are Bronze domestics, and have been named Thing One and Thing Two.  I have been told that they are both females.  We shall soon see.IMG_6186

Since we acquired them last Tuesday, they have been tucked away in my basement under a light.  With the warmer temperatures today, I thought it was time to move them out to the garage.  They will still have the light as needed, but they can be without when the sun is shining on their little crate.  They seem to be pleased with their new digs…and my basement already smells much better.

A friend from college came to visit with her three little ones this week.  She cannot get over the fact that I plan to care for these two only until I can eat them.  I asked her if she realized that someone cared for her food, too, until she got around to eating it.  She replied emphatically, “Yes!!  But in a FACTORY somewhere!!”  She smiled at the irony of her remark.  All real food has to be grown by someone.  I kind of like the personal nature of knowing my food before it gets to my plate.  To each his own, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve never raised this breed of turkey before, so this will be a learning curve for me.  I’ll keep you posted on any lessons I learn or excitement that comes our way.


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