Roscoe Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Coltrane.


If that opening line does not make sense to you, you are much younger than me.  Or, you possibly opted for better things to do with your time than watching episodes of “Dukes of Hazard”.

Regardless, this handsome bird has earned his name.  He’s a bit of a bumbler.  He’s making an appearance of doing what he was made to do, but the hens are a little too bossy for his mamby-pamby personality.  Roscoe’s mostly bluff.

I mooched him off of a neighbor with the hope of fulfilling the heart’s desire of a couple of broody hens.  Well, once we started leaving the hopefully-fertilized eggs under the nesting hens, they decided they had better things to do–like leave their eggs unattended for hours while they scratched around in the pasture.  Fortunately for them, Roscoe’s not so proficient at fertilizing.  There are only a couple of hens that have warmed to his advances.  The rest have warmed to taking him down a peg or two.

Poor, hen-pecked Roscoe.

The good news is that Roscoe is young and will probably learn his way around the coop.  More good news is that he has yet to fly at any people in an attempt to gouge out their eyes with his beak and spurs.  Plus, he’s pretty to look at.

We’ll keep him around for a while to see if he will step up to the plate and do what he was created to do.  If not, he’ll go really well with some dumplin’s this fall.  As I told him this morning, “Roscoe, we all have a choice.  We either choose to do what we’re created to do or we chicken out and take what appears to be the easy road.  Between you and me, my feathered friend, the easy road ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be.”


3 thoughts on “Roscoe

  1. Roscoe! Perfect. I thinking there were bigger roosters on your neighbor’s farm who kept Roscoe low on the pecking order at the men’s club.

    Tell him to shape up or soup out. There’s more where he came from.

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