Splitting and Stacking

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s August.  It seems like summer has just begun!  I usually mark August by days of harvesting, preparing and preserving bushels of produce.  Without that abundance so far this year, my seasonal clock is a little wonky.

Having said that, the lack of canning and freezing responsibilities allows us the opportunity to work ahead a little bit for cooler temperatures.  This morning, my son and I are rotating the remainder of last year’s firewood to the outsides of our big stacking area so that we can fill in the middle of the area with newly-split logs.  We will work our way from the oldest into the newest wood as the winter months grow colder.  My husband strategically places the hardwoods in the center stacks so that we have access to them when temperatures are traditionally the most frigid.

This weekend’s daytime highs are supposed to be in the 70s, so we are seizing the opportunity to split and stack to fill those inner rows while it’s relatively comfortable to do so.  Dave has an impending total hip replacement, so I know it will be a load off his mind to know that we have a full winter’s supply of heating fuel stacked and ready to burn.  I am comfortable with a variety of farm chores–using a chainsaw is not one of them.  Eeek.

So, I guess I can be thankful for the lull in kitchen responsibilities that allow me to be outside on such a beautiful day, doing something that I know will bless my husband to have done.  I daresay I will even have a little bit of time to work in my flower beds before the afternoon temperatures soar.



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