About Me


I am a wife.  A mother.  A daughter and a sister.  A friend.

I love to laugh, and I like to eat.  I like to write.  And sing.  I enjoy cooking and reading and playing games and growing things.

I do not like sewing.  (At all.)  Or labels.  Labels on people make me tired.

I love my husband and my children very, very much.  But I don’t always act like it.  Sometimes, I act like I don’t like them at all…and then I feel like a failure.

Sometimes I feel treasured–loved beyond comprehension by the Creator of the Universe and Giver of all Good Things, held closely to the heart of He Who knit me together in my mother’s womb and called me good.  I feel like His favorite.

Sometimes I feel ugly. Ashamed.  Inadequate.  Broken.

I am here to be real about all of that.  With you.

We can learn from one another along the way.  In faith.  Regarding family.  With Hope.  And in love.



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