Recipes for the Culinarily-Challenged

Okay, I’m pretty sure that “culinarily” isn’t a word, BUT I think you get my meaning.  Last month, I posted lots of recipes for what could easily be $3 meals for your family–and I’ll continue to post them from time to time.  This month, I am going to post recipes for those among us who say they cannot cook.  If you have read my book or been to one of my classes, you know how I feel about these kinds of folks.  They are deluding themselves.  They may not like to cook, they may not want to cook, they may wish they did not have to cook, BUT they do, indeed, possess the skills necessary to cook.  I mean, really.  We are capable, intelligent people made in the image of God Almighty.  He has equipped us to meet the physical needs of ourselves and our families within our financial means by cooking.

Having said all of that, I know that many of you just don’t want to deal with the whole process of meal preparation.  Either you’re tired or you’re busy or you just plain don’t like to be in the kitchen.  There are recipes even for the likes of you, and I will be sharing some of them with you this month.  I have been known to call them “dump” recipes, because they are essentially “dumping” a bunch of ingredients together without having to mess with them much in the process.  I cannot bring myself to tag these recipes as such, though, so I’ll label them “Easy Meals” instead.

Stay tuned!