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I’d love to share at an event near you!

One of my greatest joys is empowering, challenging and encouraging others to live in freedom and according to God’s good purposes. In addition to what is listed below, I can also offer a variety of cooking, canning and preserving classes (in season).  Unless a specific fee is mentioned to cover expenses, I generally give my host the freedom to determine my speaking fee.  If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your home, church or organization, please contact me at for more information.

Class Options

1. Eat Cheap!—For more than twelve years, I have provided my family with low-cost, healthy meals on about $200/month. Beginning in April of 2015, I have been given a raise (woo hoo!) for the grand total of $300/month for groceries.  I have discovered that the key to thriving on a low budget is not clipping coupons or hopping from store to store for the best deals. The secret is learning and applying what God’s Word says about the three timeless principles of THINKING, PLANNING AHEAD and using SELF-CONTROL. Come hear my story of how I found freedom in the grocery store aisles.

2. Living from Our Abundance–God has given each one of us an ABUNDANCE of resources–from our personal experiences to His Holy Spirit to our physical bodies to our material resources and our time. Discover your own personal abundance while being challenged with a “no more excuses” exhortation to live in the here and now with the eternal in mind.

3. Live Free!–Each of us is leaving a legacy; we might as well be intentional about what legacy we are leaving. Join me as I encourage you in the disciplines of balance, organization and time management by focusing on what God’s Word says about THINKING, PLANNING AHEAD and using SELF-CONTROL.

4. Be Your Own Boss–One of the things I have learned through years of teaching and working with women is that women always feel the pull to be at home. Even when we work full-time outside of the home, our hearts are still home with our families and all that needs done there. This class shares my testimony of how God has opened my eyes to the VALUE there is in being a HOMEMAKER. This is an interactive workshop that helps people identify their giftings, passions and resources that may very well allow moms to transition from working for others into working solely for their families.

5. Christmas Cheap!—The holiday season seemingly gives us license to over-spend from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, and there is consistently a high price to pay—financially, emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to celebrate the season according to your priorities by THINKING, PLANNING AHEAD and using SELF-CONTROL. I will gladly share some of my most helpful holiday tips as well as some of my own family’s experiences in creating meaningful memories without mountains of regret.

6.  Stocking Up for the Holidays–We all know pretty much what the holiday season will require from us with pitch-ins, parties and other food contributions, yet we allow ourselves to be caught off guard time and time again.  Join Trista for a “stocking up” class that plans ahead for some of what we know to be coming.  This is a hands-on class in which guests learn how to make the following holiday treats:  egg noodles, bread stuffing, pumpkin rolls, biscuits, an appetizer or two and an edible gift–all of which can be tucked into the freezer ahead of time and pulled out during the busy holiday season.  Each guest will make their own holiday treats–and then take them home for their own freezer  as well as the recipes so that they are able to make them time and time again in coming years.  This class requires a 4-guest minimum and requires plenty of work space for the cooking.  Cost is $55.00/guest (non-refundable) and travel expenses (where applicable).  All ingredients are provided.    Guests will be given a list of kitchen tools to bring for their own use.

7.  Sauces from Scratch–Learn how to make your own convenience foods to have on-hand for healthy, low-cost meals.  In this class, I will show you how to make marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, stir fry sauce, enchilada sauce, sweet mustard sauce and hot fudge–all from scratch and all in about one hour!  Ingredients provided along with homemade soft pretzels for taste-testing.  Cost:  $75.00/class (non-refundable) and travel expenses (where applicable).

8.  Freezing Foods 101–One of the biggest ways to save money at the grocery store is by learning to freeze in-season produce and low-cost foods when they are at their lowest prices.  Join Trista as she shares what she has learned over the past several years when it comes to using her freezer as a money-saving resource.


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