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When my husband, Dave, first suggested a monthly grocery budget of two hundred dollars to feed our young family, I thought he might be a bit misguided. Then, when Dave suggested that two hundred dollars could also provide diapers, paper products, and cleaning supplies, I knew he had lost his mind! Eat Cheap! shares our family’s biblical, commonsense approach to feeding our family within our means and according to our true priorities. Whether you are a one-income or two-income family, whether you live in the country or in the city, or whether you have a young family at home or are empty nesters, Eat Cheap! can work for you. No tricks, no gimmicks! Join me as I use humor and transparency to recount what I have learned over the past twelve years while finding freedom in the grocery store aisles.

Books are available at live events, or you can buy directly from me via PayPal using the link above.

What readers are saying about Eat Cheap!:

Wonderful resource with many easy to use tips for saving your money and your sanity. This is an excellent book for those looking to make changes, large or small, in your food budget. — Sarah


I really enjoyed reading this book; it has given me lots of ideas. Thanks for everything in the book. The recipes are amazing. – Stephanie


This slim volume is packed with sensible, accessible advice to help you feed your family better on much less money. There are no gimmicky coupon schemes to follow, no foods to kiss goodbye, and no need to give up nutrition or flavor. – Laura


If you want to stay within a budget for your family groceries, I highly recommend this book. I read it in two days and couldn’t put it down. Watch out grocery stores…I’m going on vacay with the money I save!!! – Susan


Just finished my first read-through of “Eat Cheap!”. LOVED it!! Trista writes just like she talks—so much wisdom & graciousness mixed in with the humor. I plan on trying some of the recipes next week!! – Iris


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