Eat Cheap!

bookpileAmazon has greatly reduced the price on this quick and super-helpful read.  If you are wanting commonsense, practical ideas to reduce grocery spending as well as some handy recipes to help implement your new strategy, this little book can help.

Or, if you want a signed copy, you can order via PayPal under books on this blog.


Tip of the Day: Be Content.

For some reason, Americans feel the need to eat only what they’re hungry for. What a beautiful luxury we have in this regard! Unfortunately, this compulsion is often what sends us to the store or into a restaurant to satisfy our “hankerin'”. If we can use a little self-control in this regard and eat what we’ve already got on-hand, we will most certainly cut our grocery spending. Most of us could be fed quite well for a number of weeks on what we already have sitting in our freezers, refrigerators and pantries.

Tip of the Day: Use What You Have.

If you can discipline yourself (sounds painful, I know) to use what you already have in your fridge, pantry and freezer, you will not be able to help but save money on your grocery bill. Most people buy several things they don’t need every time they enter a store. If this describes you, set yourself up to succeed by staying home and using what you’ve already got.

Staying Organized

People occasionally ask me how I stay so organized. Well, I’m not always organized, and I’m certainly not organized in every area of my life. I am also predisposed to abhor chaos; it is painful to my spirit. (Seriously.) And, the truth of the matter is that my organization stems from a very simple strategy:

Sleep 10 hours a night if at all possible. (I am mean and lazy when I’m tired.)

Limit my time in front of a “screen”. (I have long avoided Pinterest for the sole reason that it could very easily be the Black Hole of my time. Plus, less screen time definitely allows more time to sleep.)

Enlist the help of my children in some things. (From the time they were itty bitty, the kids have been required to put one toy up before getting out another. They are also assigned daily and weekly household/yard/animal chores that don’t take much time to do but that really help keep things in decent shape. My job as their momma is to prepare them for life. Like it or not, life involves being responsible for keeping your space tidy.)

Prioritize my days with manageable lists if necessary. (Lists keep me focused on the task at-hand, and I look forward to checking things off so that the kids and I can do something fun, like read, go for a walk, play games or watch a movie.)

Intentionally stay home. (It’s difficult for me to do what I need to do in my own home if I’m constantly on the run.)

Put stuff up. (I remember reading that it takes an average of 7 seconds to put something back where it goes. I found this immeasurably helpful, because I can almost always spare 7 seconds. Plus, I just operate better when I’m not constantly wading through clutter. My biggest weakness in this regard is my desk/work space. I haven’t completely conquered it yet.)

Invite people over regularly. (This keeps my housework caught up. I don’t want to be so embarrassed/discouraged by my housekeeping that I fail to offer hospitality. And, I don’t want to have to completely excavate my home just to make it a comfortable place for friends.)

Tip of the Day: Just Stop It!!

I told my Christmas Cheap! audience last night that I would post this nutty clip for them today. The idea behind it is that we have the power to CHOOSE how to spend our money this holiday season. If we are not content with what we’ve done in the past, we have the glorious opportunity to do something different this year.

Tip of the Day: Set Yourself Up to Succeed!

If you are really trying to avoid impulse buys, stay out of stores, throw away the catalogs and skip opening those online coupons. These companies pay billions of dollars a year to marketing firms whose job is to ENTICE us into spending money. They have an excellent strategy that works FOR THEM and AGAINST US as the consumer. Don’t even give them the chance!